i just finished up with my nephew’s first birthday party and am totally rejuvenated! it came out so great and i loved everything about it. while talking with my sister in law about the future, she encouraged me to make a facebook page for my party planning. i toyed with the idea and decided to do it. while designing the page, i made a realization/decision. i don’t spend any time on this page. i no longer have the time to sit and write. however i am always finding fun facts, designs, ideas, etc. so i am thinking that i am going to randomly use this page for longer finds but will use my facebook page for everything else. whether it’s something i find or something i create, facebook will be easier to maintain. so please check out my page on facebook- A Lil something more out of higganum. let me know what you think…. i hope you enjoy it as much as i do! p.s. i have already posted my pictures from my nephew’s party so you can see how it all came together.