sam’s 1st birthday

june 10 is my nephew sam’s 1st birthday and i am thrilled to say that i am planning both of his parties ~ one in ct and one in me. his mother, my sister in law jessica thought that a dr. seuss theme would be best. you know, sam i am! so here i am!

the party in ct will be combined with our annual memorial day so we are looking to go with red/white/blue/yellow. we will have a lot of decorations, some themed food, etc. but aren’t going to get too crazy as the memorial day party is a big one in itself! a lot of work i should say! don’t let these words fool you… i say that but knowing me, i will go above and beyond! it is after all some of my favorite things… planning and my favorite nephew!

the party in me will be a bit more! the tentative guest list is 100 people, depending on where the party will be. this will also be dr. seuss but i will blow it up more there! signs, books, colors, partyware, drinks, games, favors, etc…. everything a 1st party should be!

every day i am on the computer looking for new ideas and inspirations for the party. i have a notebook that i now carry around with me in case an idea hits me~ well i have it for ideas of all kinds of ideas that come to me!

the invitation for the ct party has gone out and some have replied!



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