testing 123

just wanted to run a test to see how to work with some things on wordpress. please bare with me….

i am once again fully submerged in party planning and dying to do it for more people though continue on my own path to nowhere…. i have some ideas up my sleeve, just need to enact them. one of the ideas is to pay more attention to my blog, so here goes…

i have come across some great ideas/other blogs that people have done for dr. seuss birthdays so I am going to attempt to do that here… pizzazzerie┬áhas designed a dr. seuss party that looks awesome! i hope this works! let me know if it doesn’t. since i am testing, i will only use this site today… stay tuned!


quotes for baby sam

i hope that i can do this properly…. i found this list of quotes on pinterest by mamiverse.com

i am still learning how to use this… for example, i don’t know how to highlight those words to have you be able to click on them and go right to the site…. any suggestions?

for sam’s party, we are hoping to use some of the quotes to print out and frame around the party…


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sam’s 1st birthday

june 10 is my nephew sam’s 1st birthday and i am thrilled to say that i am planning both of his parties ~ one in ct and one in me. his mother, my sister in law jessica thought that a dr. seuss theme would be best. you know, sam i am! so here i am!

the party in ct will be combined with our annual memorial day so we are looking to go with red/white/blue/yellow. we will have a lot of decorations, some themed food, etc. but aren’t going to get too crazy as the memorial day party is a big one in itself! a lot of work i should say! don’t let these words fool you… i say that but knowing me, i will go above and beyond! it is after all some of my favorite things… planning and my favorite nephew!

the party in me will be a bit more! the tentative guest list is 100 people, depending on where the party will be. this will also be dr. seuss but i will blow it up more there! signs, books, colors, partyware, drinks, games, favors, etc…. everything a 1st party should be!

every day i am on the computer looking for new ideas and inspirations for the party. i have a notebook that i now carry around with me in case an idea hits me~ well i have it for ideas of all kinds of ideas that come to me!

the invitation for the ct party has gone out and some have replied!