success #2

wow! i again have to say that the shower was fantastic! the whole thing went off without a hitch! as i dig through the mess that is overtaking my kitchen, i am reminded of how pretty and fun the shower was!

now that it’s over, i can divulge in the details! because allison and wayne are having a girl, i decided to go with pink, white, green and owls! though through the planning stages and spending lots of time online, my theme swayed a bit. though i mainly stuck with pink and white and owls.

table: white tablecloths with pink napkins. i set the favors out onto the table to use as part of the decorations. then in the center of each table, i made flower arrangements of pink roses, pink carnations, white daisies and baby’s breath and put them in the big mason jars.

drink table: i think this was my favorite table! again white tablecloth with coffee and owl themed cups. bottled water with pink personalized labels with a V (for volpe, their last name)! SO CUTE! then a pink punch that allison’s friend melissa made which was so good!!! mason jars were put out for each guest with custom straws- white with pink polka dots. very cute but didn’t stand up so well.


food: at my aunt’s request, we had the salad bar that i had done for my sister in law’s shower. my dear friend jen from hazelnuts again did the food and again out did herself! it was so good! warm chicken, warm rolls, homemade dressing, yum! thank you my love!

with the help of allison’s tall brother, we hung pink tissue balls from the ceiling. erin and melissa brought pink balloons. there were 2 clothes lines of pink clothing. very pretty! once the decorations were up, you couldn’t tell it was the firemen’s lounge!

dessert: i made jumbo cupcakes (vanilla and chocolate devil’s food cake) then dyed vanilla frosting hot pink, sprinkled them with pink/white/red sprinkles and put owl stickers on tooth picks in the middle! melissa made chocolate chip cookies with pink m&ms. hazelnuts made a fruit platter to go with the chocolate fountain! i hesitated a bit about using the chocolate fountain but i am so glad hazelnuts encouraged me to use it! allison loved it and it was very easy to use!


melissa and erin (allison’s friends) were in charge of games. they did the “guess mommy’s size” and “don’t say baby”. one guest was right on with allison’s size! “don’t say baby” i think was the funniest as everyone was tuned into what others were saying!

favors: i ordered hot pink boxes from oriental trading and glued pink ribbon with polka dots around the box. i then put felt owl stickers on the front. my cousin sarah made owl smores~ so cute and clever~ and put then in cellophane bags. they were then put in the boxes for the guests. many i was told, ate the favor before we even ate, so sounds like they were good!

overall, it was great! really. my goal and theme was really to be very pretty and girly, which i think it was. i also wanted it to be very classy. classy in that we used real things vs. plastic. so not only were we green, we didn’t have to worry about forks breaking or plates foldin in half from the weight of the food. my mother told me she overheard a woman (who was wearing a furry coat) say she was so glad we weren’t using plastic like other showers and knew this would be a nice shower!!! SUCCESS!

i must make a special note to thank everyone as they were part of the success… allison’s mom, brother, friends melissa, erin and darka, jen at hazelnuts, my mom, our cousin sarah, and all that attended the shower… i wish to thank them for their involvement, ideas, enthusiasm and help with all they did. not only did they help in the beginning with planning they helped to the very end with cleaning up! (which is harder than set up!)

 i am so happy i was able to do this for my cousin! since she was born, she has been ‘my girl’ and i am thrilled that she was able to have such a nice shower filled with people that love her and shower her with many things for her new baby! xo


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