Time to set up!

Here we are… The day before Allison’s shower! My excitement is hopefully contagious! I’m packing up the car to head down to the place to set up. So happy we can get in today! Can’t tell you how many trees & ink have been wasted on lists that I’ve created… What to do Friday, Saturday, Sunday. What to bring on each day. What to buy. What to make. And on and on…

My excitement with http://www.etsy.com is a bit diminished. I placed an order a month before the shower and the girl tells me 3 days before she hasn’t sent them out. I understand that the people that do this probably do it on the side but don’t promise one thing and do another. Very disappointed as this item was my whole focus.

I can say that I ordered something from someone else which was successful, however, she lives in my town, the gift was made and I drove there myself to get it.

Lesson learned…. I guess it would be to contact seller BEFORE placing order to make sure it will be ready and shipped in time!

Now I must go… Have to check my lists, make new ones, pack the car and be off!

Pictures and comments to come! Wish me luck! Nah, I got this.



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