back at it

as i have mentioned before, i am in full swing planning my cousin’s baby shower. in the process of making sure it is perfect, i am again sucked in the wonder and joy and excitement that i have when i am party planning! which then makes me wonder, why haven’t i done anything to promote myself this past year? if this is what really gives me excitement, pleasure and happiness, why don’t i do it more?

lack of confidence in myself? probably. which makes no sense. i am organized, creative and full of possibilities. so what can i do?

i am thinking i need to market myself more and get in others faces …. so here i am. if you are planning a party and need some help, seek me out. i am here to help. to offer you ideas and suggestions. here to help you carry out what you already dream of. i will just give you a Lil something more to think about. give me a try. not only can i help you, you can help me 🙂


One thought on “back at it

  1. You need to make a party planning page for your blog, with photos, ideas, and such. You’re good to put yourself out there!


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