allison’s shower in full plan mode

2 weeks until allison ‘s shower! i can’t wait! things are coming together. lots of paper has been used to make diagrams, ideas, lists of what to do, etc. i am constantly on the internet, often googling “pink baby shower images” in hopes of additional ideas i haven’t thought of!

the linen is set. i received the real napkins on monday and the table cloths are scheduled to arrive on wednesday (all thanks to my mother in law!) i had a special package arrive from the sweets & treats boutique! very cute pink striped straws! so cute! i am still waiting on my order (which again, i strongly encourage you to check out if you are into artsy & craftsy things!) i can’t wait for these to arrive.

sadly or disappointingly or annoyingly, i am still waiting for about 30 responses- there were 42 invites! so you can see my sadness/disappointment/annoyance. the response is set for 2/5, so technically there is still time, but…… still waiting.

my cousin is helping me out with the favors. don’t know that we have figured out the final favor but we have the packaging set!

games- my cousins friend melissa is tending to… as well as drinks and balloons!

music- allison’s friend erin is handling this!

food- hazelnuts will again be catering! don’t want to spoil the surprise on our feast!

dessert- i have almost figured out. i have the table figured out, just need to figure out what to fill everything with.

and i am waiting for a big package from– also a great site for party planning!

anything else????

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