i am back!

it has been a really long time since i have been on here, but here i am. i can’t tell you why i have been absent but i can tell you that i haven’t planned any parties since march of 2011. it’s not because i declined an offer. it’s because no one has asked me…. {hope that gives you the push/guilt you need to seek me to plan for you} in any event, i am back!

i am in full swing planning a baby shower for my cousin Allison who is having a girl in april! so excited! as many of you know, or will find out now, Allison was my first “child’! ever since she was born, i have taken her on my hip as if she was my own! she is the reason i wanted kids and my parents feared i would be pregnant at 12! and now she is having a child! crazy!

i don’t want to share too much on here, as hopefully she reads it {and i want some surprises} but i will tell you that the theme is pink, green and owls! all of the dishes/silverware/cups/linens will all be real! not paper or plastic. trying to do my part to be green! i have made some special orders on www.etsy.com– if you haven’t been over there, you MUST check it out! lots of goodies that are all handmade!

i don’t know why i have waited so long to plan, i LOVE this stuff! i absolutely thrive on it! so stay tuned…. pictures will come after the shower {february 12th}….

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