The art of the response

R.S.V.P. stands for a French phrase, “répondez, s’il vous plaît,” which means “please reply.” The person sending the invitation wo­uld like you to tell him or her whether you accept or decline the invitation. That is, will you be coming to the event or not? Etiquette rules followed in most Western cultures require that if you receive a formal, written invitation, you should reply promptly, perhaps that same day. For hosts who are planning a dinner party, a wedding or a reception, this is important from a practical point of view, because they need to know how many people to count on and how much food and drink to buy. More important, though, is the simple courtesy of responding to someone who was nice enough to invite you, even if it is to say that you regret that you will not be able to attend. (

After throwing multiple parties throughout my life, my biggest frustration is when people don’t reply that yes they are coming or no they are not. So I have taken the guess work out for those of  you that are throwing/invited to parties. Above, I have cut and pasted the reasoning behind RSVP’ing.

For me, my frustration starts before I even send the invite out! How will I write it… “please respond” or “please reply” or “kindly reply”… there are multiple ways of writing it but no matter how I write it doesn’t matter. I know that no matter what words I use, there will be the people that don’t respond/reply. Why not? I understand that it’s in my house which may lead you to believe number doesn’t matter, but it does. I have to know how many people are coming so that I have enough food, drinks, seats, favors, etc. I also need to know if you aren’t coming so that I can yell at you for not attending one of my events!

Eventually, it’s going  to get to a point where I will stop inviting the habitual non-repliers. Not only is it a waste of my energy, it’s a waste of a stamp and a beautiful invitation that I have designed! Either that or I assume you are not coming and if you do show up, I will turn you away… just kidding. I couldn’t do that but know that I will be upset with your behavior!

So to those of you again that are planning or invited… please take a minute to pick up the phone (or send an email or text) and respond to the lovely party you were invited to. It will be greatly appreciated!


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