great 1st event

this past sunday was the baby shower for my sister in law that went off without a hitch (if i don’t say so myself!)! the weather cooperated and gave us a lovely day- brisk but nice enough for all the kids to play outside and nice enough for some people to sit outside!

food: the shower was catered by hazelnuts (which i highly recommend using!). we had met prior to the shower and decided to have a salad bar- complete with lots of veggies, avocado, grilled chicken and rolled meats, homemade dressings & croutons and warmed bread. (pictures to come!) we had planned the food to be the right quantity luckily (42 adults and 8 children!) we did end up with LOTS of extra chicken, which is fine because as you all know how much i love chicken!

the food... catered by hazelnuts

dessert: vanilla & chocolate devil’s food cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate frosting. i stuck with the brown and blue theme so hazelnuts dyed the vanilla frosting blue, matching my blues perfectly! we also had chocolate mousse shots and a fruit arrangement for those non-sugar eaters!

favors: i decided to do sweets as the favor instead of spending money on “things” that people didn’t really want. i had oreo balls {oreos & cream cheese dipped in chocolate candy- brown and blue}, chocolate covered pretzel rods, sugar cookies {some had blue and brown m&ms, some didn’t}, brownie pops {brownies & frosting mixed and rolled onto a stick with candy coating} and brown & blue m&ms. (pictures to come). i then left out cellophane bags with a blue sticker which said baby boy. so cute!

decorations: 2 clothing lines with all the cute clothing i bought for my nephew!  ribbons any where i could put them- brown with blue dots! at the front door, i put out a sign {which my husband made for me out of wood and chalkboard paint} with ribbon and wrote “baby hunt’s baby shower}.

overall, great day! jon and jess got lots of cute things! there was enough food! it was organized! great day!

what i learned: a dessert table as the favor is a LOT of work! i think if i wanted to have this again, i would enlist more help- maybe even buy the desserts! registries are created for a reason (which i will blog about at a later date!). responding was created for a reason also (which i will also blog about!).

great start to hopefully a very satisfying & lucrative business! thanks to those of you that helped me! especially Hazelnuts*!

*if you would like contact information for Hazelnuts, please contact me!

addendum… i figured out how to post pictures, i just can’t rotate them! i am a work in progress, please bare with me.

2 thoughts on “great 1st event

  1. jacin says:

    great job Kara!!! let me know if you need any help with the blog or anything 🙂

  2. Jen says:

    Kara did an amazing job with planning her party. She new just what she wanted. Was very organized and pleasant to work with. She is a very creative person and has amazing potential. I plan to recomend her to all of my clients!
    ~Hazelnuts Catering 203-640-8537

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