first event

for my first event (as an event planner vs. just planning things for my family and friends) i am thrilled to say i am planning a baby shower for my sister in law, jessica (my brother’s wife). the excitement of having my very own nephew is one thing but to be able to plan a party to celebrate his upcoming arrival is the best thing in the world!

the invites have gone out… they are a blue rectangle with brown, darker blue and white polka dots at the top with blue writing. got them at target and love them! i searched high and low for ideas for the invite because as you know, i love making invites but in the end (and many returns later) i decided to buy the invite and print them myself. i didn’t want to do anything that would tie me too much into a theme as i want to be able to go in any direction so i figured this would be best. *once i figure out how to post them, i will….

today i am going to venture out to hamden and north haven in search of some inspiration for decorations, plates, etc. i am sticking with the brown and blue theme but need some more ideas. i don’t want to give anymore details as jessica reads my blogs (thanks jess!) and i don’t want to spoil all my tricks and goodies i have planned for her.

stay tuned…..

2 thoughts on “first event

  1. Aunt Sandy says:

    Hamden and North Haven? Maybe I will see you at Michaels or Joanns!

  2. jacin & erin {real weddings revealed} says:


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